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Gundula Hintz founded her “Singing Studio at Adenauerplatz“ in Berlin-Charlottenburg
in August 2007, which she has run since then with resounding success.

More than fifty opera singers from all over the world come to work with her on vocal technique, and the interpretation and preparation of opera and concert roles. She teaches her lessons in German and English, and if necessary also in French and Italian.

An important part of her work is the preparation of her students for agency and stage auditions.This includes the training and optimizing of the singer’s vocal and personal behaviour when considering factors such as stress and stagefright. In this area she works in collaboration with the renowned mental trainer Dr. Friederike Janofske and
the “Institute for Short- Term Therapy and Selfmanagement”.

Over her many years of teaching, the working together with all voices of the dramatic Fach has intensified, particularly for serving the requirements of the Wagner-Fach.

Gundula Hintz gives masterclasses regularly in Berlin and Bayreuth, often with emphasis on different themes. For example in August 2009 several jugendlich-dramatische Sopranos worked on the Wagner roles of Elsa ("Lohengrin") and
Elisabeth ("Tannhäuser"); in the following year the theme was the opera "Salome"
of Richard Strauss.

In March and October 2010, Gundula Hintz was engaged by the Deutsche Oper am Rhein in Düsseldorf to give masterclasses at their Opera Studio.

Information about future courses and projects as well as student concerts, can be obtained directly by contacting Gundula Hintz.


Gundula Hintz Email: info(at)